Wednesday, October 8, 2014

8 October 2014, The moon

The moon was so beautiful today, remind me of childhood memories. When my dad drive me to my grandparent house i always wonder why the moon keep following me. I do ask him why it keep follow me. Forget what my dad told me about that, but one thing for sure, I love my family and my life, could not ask more. Alhamdulillah

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 October 2014, ( Back to JB)

Holidays are over, yesterday experience remain forever. First time long distance driving, from Besut to Kuantan. Later zul drive till JB. 2 people driving not so tired at all. If i alone, maybe it will take a while to arrive at JB

My financial is quite tough right now, need lots of money for convocation thing. I agreed with some people, convocation ceremony take hell lots of money and some of  my friend didn't attend the ceremony. For the time being, i don't care about losing money as long my parent can see me graduating. They paid a lot of money, effort, time for my journey until i got here. At least i can prove to them i really work hard to achieve my dream.Really want to see the joy on their face.

May Allah be with me and guide me in this world. As we all know, this world is impermanent thus focus on it is a waste of time. I always think about saving for afterlife. Change to be a better person is a piece of cake but to be able to maintain it, is a very tough job.

Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014, Monday ( Yeay,dia dah kol)

Alhamdulillah, almost close in purchasing my long dreamed item. hehe, hopefully tomorrow everything will be fine. 

My brother going to Universiti soon, just now i told my mum nak kumpul duit kahwin, dia terkejut. haha, lek ma bukan nak kawen sekarang, kumpul dulu jer.Tp seriously ak nk kumpul duit, xnak membazir. skrg dah ad tanggungjawab. nak jugak balas jasa mak ayah dulu before ak beli benda2 yang ak idamkan, just this one time jer. Ak beli pun sebab teringatkan ma yg nak sangat naik kereta baru. Harap2 dia puas hati la.

Now my work loads increase drastically. too many things to do. either i can adapt or not, let the world decide it. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

30 April 2014, Wednesday ( My first car maybe )

hehs, fikir punya fikir naik pening kepala aku ni. Ak mmg ad niat nak pakai kereta tp x tahu kereta ap yg plg ok, nak beli kat mana pun x tahu, semua ak x tahu. Maklumla first time beli kereta. Huh, tp klu ikut hati, nak ambek manual + bodykit lawa + striking colour, xnak yg malap. setelah diteliti, ditengok2, diusha usha, ak nak ambek myvi se1.5 la. menepati ciri2 yg ak nak. Duit macam cukup tp ak kena buat kira2 balik utk benda2 lain2. fuh, 

hopefully dapatlah satu kereta sebelum jun. haisy. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 March 2014, Sunday ( Feel different )

I don't know why but today i feel so different. I don't have any job. Just sitting around and play laptop. Sometime i think this isn't right. I need to get work so soon. Either it is an Engineer position or a part time worker, both will do. The main point is i can't waste my time. 

Okay, i forget one thing, Why not, when i am still in the holidays, i mendekatkan diri kepada Yang Maha Pencipta, Allah SWT. I want to but then i don't know how. At the end, it is still because i didn't work for it. Dear god, please help me in my life, i need your guidance so much. Maybe it is too much to ask. In my life, you always make my wishes came true. Although it is a hard one, you still give me the opportunity. I am so grateful..

Thanks for given me the opportunity to attend Strand Aerospace Interview, i gain so much knowledge in the recruitment day..It cost me some dollars but who cares, it is worth to attend. 

When you are in deep sorrow, just remember one thing, you still have Allah beside you.

No one but Allah.


He is the one. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 March 2014, Saturday ( Mini Reunion )

Never expect we are having a mini reunion for 6 Gemilang 2003 Members. Although it is not as big as others reunion but it still achieve the objective. We talk, joking, play and eating like we are in 2003. Haha. At first i don't want to come since i was very tired from last night futsal game, but as Mat Ming force me, i went there. Forgot one thing, the picnic is at Bukit Keluang. 

From the left- Matmin, Farid, Nusi, Daus, me, Jaa

Daus & Nusi



From the left: Fahmi, Farid, Nusi, me and Daus

That's all, btw two of us have start their working life, guess who. haha
All the best in your life guys. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 January 2014, Friday ( The day i leave UTP)

wau, so the day finally come huh. feel very frustrated, sad, sorrow, angry, mad, disappointing and so on. I will leave UTP as a graduated person, after this i am gonna find a job and work my ass on. Sound like a very good plan. Right now i always thinks about job, money and future. I want to help my family so much, thus hopefully i will got a job with a good pay and the most important thing i like the job. Ya Allah, pleas help me to fulfilled my dream. No one can help me beside you. 

Mum & dad, please be patient. I will pay back what you have done for me. Can't imagine my life would be without your guidance.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

30 December 2013, Monday ( Last Test in UTP )

My day as student comes to the end. haha. Didn't see that coming. I really gonna miss my student life after this. 

So tonight is the last test i ever sit in UTP, Hybrid Vehicles. Luckily it is easy and i manage to answer all the question. What to expect, lecturer Mr Muinuddin super cool and sporting. 

errmmm, nothing much to say really. Just hoping i will do very best in my final examination and get a job that i really like..=)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

3 December 2013, Tuesday ( Poster presentation )

Awesome, this week is my FYP presentation, just check my poster with Dr Sara. Everything seem okay. Hope i will do well this coming thursday. Hopefully

Pray for me guys..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 November 2013, Tuesday ( Full of stops)

Hehs, ni si zul punya pasal la. Sikit2 nak stop ambek gambar, kan dah lewat sampai UTP. Penat kot drive. Ak yg duk kat belakang ni tido jer keje.haha..btw it was a wonderful trip i would say. first time sampai Gua Reng, Jeli. Xde la meriah sangat but still it is a beautiful cave. Selain bukit keluang la coz dua gua ni je pun ak pernah tgk dalam hidup aku. 

Part yang xleh blah bila ad sekor kucing ni, steady jer lalu bwah kereta samah, sampai belakang kete, KENCING!!!!haha..demn you cat. Lepas habis boleh plak mengensel2 badan dekat samah. xpela, ko kan kucing, problem with me, bkn kete ak. 

Dah mcm mane tbe2 ak boleh ad kat AEON station 18 ni.haha..siot zul, senyap2 bawak kitrorg dtg sini. Nak tgk Thor la tu. Dr besut lg duk ajak tgk Thor. Nasib baik ad tiket lg klu x membazir jer. 

It was an awesome movie!!! full of humors and actions. Plg best bila natang tu jadi kaler merah, berapi2 bagai. Chinese girl yg kecik tu boleh terjerit,satu hall dengar.haha..dik2, dah la time org tgl dia duk main kerusi.  

X best bila balik UTP kena buat assignment EEE.baru tahu kena submit esok.Pkul 4 baru ak boleh tido...=(

Saturday, September 21, 2013

21 September 2013, Saturday ( Unexpected result)

Play Dota from 9pm -12.30am. You know what? the most unexpected thing occur. As i finish up my game, i open student portal and check my final result without hesitation. If i got low then i need to work hard and if i got high i need to maintain or do better. Once i open it, fell like i am the most happiest person in this world. Alhamdulillah,  It is unexpected and beyond reality. Not reading MS book and i got A-, doing bad for FYP also got A-..B+ for facility storage. This is quite good consider my CW mark is 34/50. For AE and ECM i got B solid. Also good with CW mark 36/50. ECM i didn't do well but for AE i think i can answer it. Something not right there. MSD i expect to get higher but B+ is so so enough for me. Next sem i need to try hard. now my CGPA is 3.48. A little bit to get 3.5. Hope i can get 3.5. Insya Allah. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 September 2013, Wednesday ( it has been a month )

Fuh, lama x update blog. Final year menjadikan ak seorang yang teramat sibuk, lupa banyak benda. Focus on FYP, projects, test, quizz. Kalau before ni, ak ambek tahu sikit2 jer, kali ni kena alll out. Paling menyedihkan bila CW ak agak rendah. Nakc ecah 40 pun x sampai, inikan plak 50..Need to try harder for my final exam. 2 more papers to go, FETS and MS. Hope i can score..feeling determined.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

11 August 2013, Sunday (Raya oo raya 2013)

Lama x post something..hurm, raya ni paling sedih, beraya dengan perasaan x tenang. why? sebab projek bertimbun2...sigh..penat la wei macam ni...

11 August 2013, Sunday (Raya oo raya 2013)

Lama x post something..hurm, raya ni paling sedih, beraya dengan perasaan x tenang. why? sebab projek bertimbun2...sigh..penat la wei macam ni...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 July 2013, Friday (Despicable Me 2)

It was so so freaking awesome man, i just love how the director put all the character together. The girls are so cute the minion are so funny, Gru are awesome, villain are evil. the love story, action and comedy bring in together to make a wonderful movie. 

But i love the minion the most. They know how to make people laugh. Next will be wolverine. arghh, lots of good movie keep coming out. Seriously i need some money and time to watch them. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 June 2013, Thursday ( Holidays )

Holiday but got meeting with my fyp supervisor. Every week i will meet him although got nothing to discuss. at least i know that i eeded to do something for fyp every week. After that,  i went to mesra shop and have a little chat with these 2 akak. Love to have chat with people here. haha..

what to do today? actually we want to watch movie, despicable me 2 will be a nice movie to watch.  But at the end, we can't decide anything thus. we just stay at home and finish up all our homeworks.

Monday, July 1, 2013

30 June 2013, Sunday ( We lose, again )

Yes we may lose but we score 1 goal. It is sure nice to score in a match, but not me. Credit to rakin for his goal. With that we end our campaign with 1 goal in 3 matches. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

27 June 2013, Thursday ( become more clear n clearer)

Alhamdulillah, after meeting with Dr Idris, i become more n more clearer about what i am gonna do. Need to study more on wear analysis of gears. But i think what they say is true, why certain student didn't want to meet SV? if they have problems regarding their FYP, they can't just run away. SV is mean to help us. At first, I also afraid to see my SV since i stuck at the same point for 1 weeks. After meet him, now i know what i want to do. See it is how they will help us, not how they will push us. 

26 June 2013, Wednesday ( Meeting with SV )

Now i am more clearer than yesterday about my topic. So i have something to achieve in my study. However i still stuck at the second stage. Mr Saravanan said that as the time goes, we will see what we can do about that. Since he said that, i think i don't need to worry. Hopefully. 

Long time no chat with her. Hope she is doing fine. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

25 June 2013, Tuesday ( MSD )

This is another headache beside fyp, ohh why we need to work on lots of project in this so called final year world. I am so frustrated. Lots of things to do and the best thing is i keep lost track of all the things in this final year world. Need to alert more and less play around. 

Somehow i need to manage myself. If not, i am done for. 

24 June 2013, Monday ( haze )

Haze is everywhere, Now i need to buy a mask in order to prevent me from getting sick. But seriously how come they (haze) come so far, up until here, Tronoh. I can't brain this moreover the main cause is from Indonesia. They should act more brilliantly. This is the cost that we need to pay  from your act,a and it is not fair. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

23 June 2013, Sunday ( Satisfaction )

Although we have tons of works to do, but we still play DOTA for 1-2 games which take around 2 hours. Now i understand why all of my friends are addicted to DOTA because it is so fun furthermore when you play with your friends. 

Because of this, i am getting worried, we are in the final year, if we continue to become like this, for sure we cannot survive. Final year is a tough year man. Errmm, i need to do something before we get addicted to the game until we are willing to skip classes. 

22 June 2013, Saturday ( Recovery)

A day off for Vifor FC today. All look very dissappointed with our performance. I am a bit frustrated but not much since we can expect this. They are so strong thus no need for us to be like this until forever. Hurm. Now we can't afford to lose, now i also don't know either we can go to next round or not, but if we keep winning the chance will be there, worth trying isn't guys?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

21 June 2013, Friday ( Dr MAZA )

Seriously this is freaking awesome,  before this i don't know him, i am  a noob if we are talking about politics, government or opposition. His talk are so nice. but the things is i am quit sleepy. Thus ca't brain all his speech. Good luck in your future Dr. May Allah bless you with taufik and hidayah..ami.

Ooo yes, forget another thing. haha, our team lost 5-0 to BOCA FC. Demn, it is quit embarrassing but nothing we can do against a team like that. ermmm.Hopefully we will woke up and win another 2 games. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

20 June 2013, Thursday ( SV FYP )

ohh my SV, just love the way he encourage me to do the things. Fuh, my tittle is difficult but i still want to do it because the others will be super difficult

Now i need to find the correct way to do the project, if someone have done it, i need to do FME for it. As simple as that..huh. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

9 June 2013, Wednesday (It happen again)

again we have been told that our match is on Friday not today. But now it is not about the reff have something to do or whatever. It is because of our captain that mislook at the date. But i think it is just nice, we get another 2 days break so we can train ourselve to be much much better. Take as an oppurtunity to become better guys, don't be so sad about it. We can do this. On friday, let us prove what we area capable of. 

18 June 2013, Tuesday ( Packs )

My class is so full on tuesday. And the most i hate is a 2 hours class. It will be a boring class. I don't know why but for MSD & Ms, the Lecturers always come late to the class. They take this lightly because most of the student come late to the class. Although i don't know the real reasons, i hope they will come to the class early or just cancel the class. haha. 

No class for MS, that is what i am hoping for. The lecturer is away they said. Thus we play DOTA until evening while my FYP are still static. So bad we lose the game but it is pretty fun. 

17 June 2013, Monday ( Another week started )

My FYP is a nightmare. I don't know how to condcut the research and how to prepare a defend proposal. It is not like i purposely choose this topic, i have been assign to conduct the project.Sigh, so much things need to be done for FYP. But on the bright side, i know why they are doing the study. They want to know the mode shape, level of vibration on the normal gear. Then with the study, they come out with some solution on how to reduce the vibration. That is what it is all about. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

16 June 2013, Sunday ( lab report )

This is the hardest task to do. Seriously it make me sick. To complete 1 report take forever. Although i start early but still i finish late. It take time to understand the process, calculation, theory, etc.

The hardest will be calculation n discussion. In any cases we just refer to the previous lab report, from senior i would say, but sometimes theirs are not so good thus we need to change something. That is what we take sometimes to complete it. 

15 June 2013, Saturday (offday for us)

Believe it or not we have our own offday for vifor FC. Day by day i am very afraid to have our first match. My body feel very bad, shaking everytime i am thinking about it. What i am worried about is what will happen if we don't get any goals? ermm...just thinking about it make me afraid to play the match..arghh, the tense is here. Hopefully i will manage it somehow. Insya Allah everything will be good. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

14 June 2013, fiday ( The right kicking technique )

So in this 22 years kicking world i haven't realize that my kicking technique is incorrect. When i watch video posted by pendi at our group page, then i know i am doing wrong this for my whole life. Maybe not completely.

So at evening i tried the kicking style from the video and it is really works!!!! the ball hit the target, shot power increase. The only thing is i am not used to it does sometimes it is not successful. By doing this everyday, i will manage to master this technique. 

13 June 2013, Thursday ( fight )

Why do we always fighting against something that are very small. I mean it really is not a big deal when people kicking your foot since it is football game. So 1-2 times someone kick your leg, it is normal. But when they frequently do it, it is not normal. We should behave more like a final year student. Sigh, but at the end we start it. Luckily that boy not fight back, if yes then it will become more complicated. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

12 June 2013, Wednesday ( Match got cancelled )

From last night to this morning then afternoon the evening, my mind is always on the match. Every second i keep thinking about how i am going to play for today. But everything got mess up. The match got cancelled because reff have emergency. Sigh, i can't do a thing about this. No one can except the reff him self. ermm. But int the bright side, we will have more times to practice. However is this time we will used properly or not? 

In a word, i can describe my feeling as ' Disappointed' 

This Akak GA was so nice, we talk a lot about others things beside the lab. She is a Chinese. She tell us about her study, what she is trying to get. Can you guess what she want? 

what she want is a course that can make she happy, a course that a fun to learn. When heard this from her, now i am thinking what i am trying to achieve in this world, or more smaller scope in this university. Before i only thinking of getting higher CGPA so that i will have a better chance to get job. But when heard her, my heart just tell me that what i have done so far are wrong. Why i only studying for the test? for final exam? this will not give me anything, i need to seek knowledge which will make me know everything on my field of study. From now, i will have fun in my study, not just attend the lecture for the sake of passing the test or exam. It is for me, to have more knowledge than everyone else then help everyone who are in need. ADIOS

11 June 2013, Tuesday (tuesday )

The most packs day of the week, i have for classes, 2 got 2 hours, thus today i will attend 6 hours lecture. haha, 1 hour lecture is okay by me but when it comes to 2 hours lecture, i am so so lazy to hear the lecture. It become boring through out the time. i can say that, the boringness of lecture increase proportional to the time of lecture. 

10 June 2013, Monday ( Start school again )

this week will be a very hectic week for me, i have 2 labs to attend, meeting with Sv the some class that are not interesting ( probably because i am so lazy to understand)

Monday is still okay compare to Tuesday, lots of free slot for me. 1 lab to attend. Don't really about the lab. When it come to do the report that is when i become lazy. So lazy to understand all the laboratory things.sigh.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

9 June 2013, Sunday ( Play futsal in the morning )

Last night we bought a new ball that cost rm100. Yes it is expensive but better than buy a cheap one and broken. one things i don't like about this morning futsal is the attendance. We have less people who want to play thus i need to call, facebook, tweet, gtalk, etc. Basically i don't mind but sometime it make me tired. either way it is still nice to play futsal with less people. 

8 June 2013, Saturday ( Hang Out )

Awesome, we have some great dinner today. Eat tons of delicious food and eat lots of ice cream. RM24.5 for dinner at Shabu2 is quite expensive, i can say that but still it is nice. Before this , it only cost around 20. the price goes up again.huh..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

7 June 2013, Friday ( IT is DIAO win!!!)

Although there are a little conflict today, Diao has shown their status as a semi finalist for the Last soccer league tournament by winning the game 2-1. Now it is our turn to win and let everyone know jan09 batch are the strongest. 

The conflict is about racism.We can't stop someone mouth easily. Hopefully we can change our attitude about racism. Because we are majority doesn't mean we can do whatever we want. 

6 June 2013, Thursday ( Frenly match again )

Again we have a friendly match and i still can't find the net, not even a shot. This make me feel down since we need goals to win a match. Another way is to let the opponent have 5 red cards. But this one is quite impossible. Thus either way we need to score, the vifor forward need. Hurm....

Btw we lose 3-0 to a younger team. Their play is quite impressive. The first half is 0-0 but then in the second half they score three goals and i can say that all of them are our mistake. 

We need to get ourselves together and think of a way to win. To draw is quite easy but we need a win. Insya Allah if we work harder we can win the game. Insya Allah

Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 June 2013, Wednesday ( MY SV, SK)

What i expect is far beyond reality. I think he will ask me more about my FYP tittle but seem he just told me to keep on reading research paper. A task has been given to me. I need to submit to him next week on the same day as today. Our meeting will be at this time for this whole semester. 

Btw his name is Dr Saravanan, i hope i will get a good result for FYP 1. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4 June 2013, Tuesday ( A frenly match )

Since i went to the field quite late, i did't get the field. The Junior got it. But we still want to play. Thus we wait for a while then ask them for a unofficial friendly match. No referee at all. just play for fun but their team will face our team. 

This time we can play football with our style. We can pass with ease, shot with confident, dribble perfectly. Unlike last two matches. We just aim for an unexpected goal. 

Hopefully our real game we can play like this. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 June 2013, Sunday ( Quarter Final for Pitakul FC )

The quarter final match is no good for Pitakul, at half time, they already losing by 0-3. After half time, Juwe score the gol for them from a free kick. sigh, we really can win the game. but The indian boys sure got some skills. They can defend and attack well. Thus winning the championship is not a supprise although it is from a coin toss.Haha. Bad luck foreigner. ( i am not a racist k, this is just to let everyone know what their team are made of. In the end, i feel like want to re enter the tournament again, but of course next time we will be full prepared. Insya Allah. 

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